Friday, February 04, 2005

nameh dr. zahra erfani

Zahra Erfani
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Dear Ms. Louise Arbour Zurich February 3. 2005
Dear Mr. Jurmi Wangchuk
Dear Ms. Christina Saunders
I am writing to bring to your attention that, the student political prisoners in the prison of the Rajai-shahr of Karaj city west of Tehran-Iran, since January 26 have staged a hunger strike in protesting the very harsh situation of Prison and the intimidation, threat and pressure that, regime exercises upon their families.
These students are as follow:
Mr. Bina DARAB-ZAND, Farzad HAMIDI, Arzhang DAVOODI, Mehrdad LOHRASBI, Hojat ZAMANI, Jafar EGHDAMI, Feiz MAHDAVI, and Ario SARAJI.

Please be informed that Mr. Mehrdad HEIDAR-POUR, imprisoned in Evin jail ward 350, has staged a hunger strike in solidarity with those in Rajai-shahr prison, as well.

We are very concern that, Mr. Dr. Farzad HAMIDI, has been brought to solitary confinement and Arzhang DAVOODI and Bina DARAB-ZAND are in a very crucial health condition and need medical treatment.

As you are informed this regime enjoy no legitimacy and the recent situation is running against the religious fascist regime of Mullahs. Hence they doing their suicide attempt to kill as much as possible and discourage those who resisting the fanatic regime of clerics.

Recently many web-loggers and journalist have been arrested or very mysteriously murdered. Namely, Elnaz Derakhshan, Shiva and Shahla SHEKARI the journalists of “EFTEKHAR” and “SHARGH” news papers and Nazanin NEZAM-SHAHIDI a contemporary young poet.

The Iranian people and Students Movement demanding you very respectfully, to exert pressure on Islamic Republic authorities and remind them that they are accountable to the situation of political prisoners and the same time requesting the immediate and unconditional releasing of all political prisoners in Iran. The terrorist and murder Mullah regime should be brought to the justice.

Those who are fighting for freedom, democracy and social justice thank you for the prompt measures which you are going to take in this regard.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Zahra Erfani
Zahra Erfani

Copy to:
Amnesty International- London
Human Rights WatchKofi Annan UN Secretary General


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